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I make music, do you?

3000 years ago Platoon said that the three essentials aspects for education are: athletics for the body, mathematics for the logic and the music for the feelings, the heart and soul. Even before him Socrates had said, rhythm and harmony are the most penetrating inside.

Eyes are the windows, but the ears are the gateways to the soul, making classical music a universal language par excellence. Music soothes the troubled mind. In it all the feelings return to their pure state and the world is not but music making its reality.

Many studies confirm that music benefits the integral development of people. Melody is responsible for developing emotional relationships, rhythm develops the locomotor system and harmony promotes intellectual progress. Making music provides an improvement in concentration, memory, motivation, creativity, coordination, expression, communication, social behavior and teamwork.

If, like we do,  you believe in any of these reasons, come on in!

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