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"Escuela de Música Aurora" opened in September 1984. Two years later the school became an officially recognized center. In September 1994 the "Conselleria d'Educació" from the "Generalitat Valenciana" authorized its Elementary Teaching, becoming a center attached to the Joaquin Rodrigo Conservatory of Music with full responsibility to impart these teachings officially.

Since then, we have improved and strengthened our position in the music private sector as well as increasing our enthusiasm; an  enthusiasm that has not only allowed us to maintain ourselves, but also to be satisfied with the work achieved year after year.

Our goal has always been to ensure that our students make music with quality and passion so that some day they can convey their emotions in the way that music only can do it. To do so, we have taken on board highly qualified teachers and a suitable infrastructure and facilities.

“Music is the essence of the Soul that leads us to the good, the beautiful and the fair, meaning for the Soul what the gymnastic mean for the Body”.


Escuela de Musica Aurora
Aurora Sáez Vila, Headteacher
Generalitat Valenciana